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Meet EonD's team

Our team is comprised of top talent with extensive yet varied experience – from international relations and diplomacy, management consulting and entrepreneurship to technical sciences.

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Bartek Bielinski

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Name: Bartek Bielinski

Role: CEO

Description: Bartek is an entrepreneur and management consultant with 15 years of experience across sectors, organizations and geographies. Before joining EonD, Bartek has worked in digital transformation and public sector practices of two leading global management consulting firms, Kearney and Boston Consulting, based out of NYC, Dubai and Warsaw offices. Throughout his career Bartek delivered over 25 strategy, operations and institution build-up projects for globally recognized private and public sector organizations. He has directly counseled key decision makers including minister level government officials, CXOs and HNWIs, and has led projects with international footprint in the Middle East, the US, Europe, Asia & Australia. Additionally, Bartek has served a CEO and co-founder of Taskmaster and a General Manager at a family owned fashion brand

Education: Economics and Business at Northeastern, Utrecht University and the University of Warsaw

Hobby: Digital Technologies, Board Sports, Football, Traveling, Teaching

In their own (few!) words: Assembling pieces of a puzzle to build EonD.

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Marcin Buzanski

President and Chief Network Officer (CNO)
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Name: Marcin Buzanski

Role: President and Chief Network Officer (CNO)

Description: Marcin is a political scientist, entrepreneur and advocate for institutionalized international cooperation. He is an expert in foreign policy, international organizations and government reform. He is the founder of the Institute for International Dialogue, and serves as Director for Policy at the Warsaw Security Forum and Senior Advisor at the Pulaski Foundation. Marcin has worked several years at the United Nations, at NY HQ focused on governance in crises, conflict analysis and peace process support, and based in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South Asia and in Europe, where he has been advising governments in transitions on institutional reforms and development policy. He has been consulting for Think Tanks, international organizations and the private sector, providing policy analysis and facilitating consultative processes.

Education: MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in NY, MA and BA in European Studies from Warsaw University

Hobby: Sailing, snowboarding, travelling the world, contemporary history and international politics

In their own (few!) words: Exited by challenges, motivated by progress and benefits to society, balancing grand exploration and quiet family life.

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Parham Gohari

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer
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Name: Parham Gohari

Role: Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Description: Parham has around 20 years of experience in management consulting, investment advisory and entrepreneurship, extending across 5 continents. He has advised leading global multinationals, governments, diversified family offices, investment firms and start-ups across a number of industries. Parham previously served as Managing Partner of a boutique corporate advisory and was a Consulting Practice Leader at Deloitte Middle East, having been based in Dubai for 12 years. His specializations include corporate strategy, business planning, commercial effectiveness, performance improvement, transactions, business and partner development and policy advisory.

Education: BA in Economics from York University and MBA in Strategy and Finance from Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto, Canada

Hobby: Painting, travelling, photography, contemporary arts, reading a good story, mentoring students and start-ups and exploring nature

In their own (few!) words: It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

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Robert Siudak

Strategy & Innovation Manager
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Name: Robert Siudak

Role: Strategy & Innovation Manager

Description: Robert is a public policy expert, focusing on the intersection of technical, economic, social and political aspects of digital technologies. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence researcher. He serves as an advisor in leading think thanks, Digital Innovation Hubs, VCs and governmental bodies from the CEE region. Author of numerous scientific and policy papers, including two monographs, manager of projects and grants delivered in collaboration with such institutions as the European Structural and Investment Fund, European Cybersecurity Organisation, Global EPIC, Polish National Centre for Research and Development.

Education: PhD Candidate; Jagiellonian University, Trinity College Dublin

Hobby: Jogging

In their own (few!) words: Technology doesn’t speak for itself - it's our role to translate it.

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Paul Szymanczak

Partnership Manager
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Name: Paul Szymanczak

Role: Partnership Manager

Description: Paul is a diplomat, expert in developing countries, on ground operational manager in business development, consulting and public affairs. He has worked for several years all over the world on international cooperation, country branding, building alliances in public and private sectors; culturally sensitive and an advocate of Sustainable Development Goals.

Education: Escuela Diplomática de Madrid, Warsaw University

Hobby: Dancing salsa on a milky-white Caribbean beach

In their own (few!) words: Thriving for positive impact and aligning sustainable strategies with universal principles.

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Lukasz Czerwinski

Technical Advisor
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Name: Lukasz Czerwinski

Role: Technical Advisor

Description: Łukasz is an expert with a technical brain and startup approach at heart. He graduated from University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, the top programming faculty in Poland and worked as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, California for 3 years, hired by Google and Light.house, a home security startup. Łukasz returned to Poland longing for his country and people living here. Soon after his return, he won a fintech Startup Weekend with MoneyFriend startup project and continued working on it in an acceleration program with PKO BP, the biggest Polish bank. Afterwards Łukasz was involved in other startups in Poland and US, such as being the Lead Programmer in an electromobility startup EneGIVE or spinning up his own food waste project. Currently he works as a senior expert in Programming for an American startup which raised $20M and builds his own startup in e-health sector.

Education: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics

Hobby: Classical and choir music, music composition, nonograms, word games

In their own (few!) words: Life is a great adventure, so be passionate, be ambitious, work hard and care about the people.

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Maksymilian Operlejn

Data Scientist / Technology Advisor
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Name: Maksymilian Operlejn

Role: Data Scientist / Technology Advisor

Description: A technical geek with the soul of a humanist. I'm a big fan of travelling abroad. My journeys gave me some irreplaceable experiences. Experimenting is deeply rooted in my nature and I love new challenges. I'm also addicted to reading books and buying them compulsively in huge amounts.

Education: Gdańsk University of Technology, Data Engineering, Big Data in Management

Hobby: AI, spontaneous travels, psychology, all kind of books, skiing, football and most of all- experimenting with life

In their own (few!) words: Well done is better than well said.

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Aymeric Laurent

Business Development Director EMEA
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Name: Aymeric Laurent

Role: Business Development Director EMEA

Description: Aymeric is an experienced Vice President within sales and business development with in-depth knowledge of the telecom space having engaged with majority of mobile operators, vendors and groups in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. He has an entrepreneurial professional with more than a decade's worth of experience in TMT, having started business in several countries across Africa and the Middle East, in Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions and Data Center Energy Optimization.

Education: Telecom Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne, as well as the French Telecom ParisTech.

Hobby: Sailing, traveling, reading, history, board sports

In their own (few!) words: Helping companies progress and advance in all their challenges, trying to make a positive impact all the way. Now greener than ever.

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Sally K. Charafeddine

Communications Manager
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Name: Sally K. Charafeddine

Role: Communications Manager

Description: An anthropologist by training Sally has a broad cross-sectoral experience, having cooperated with individuals across all seniority levels in both public and private companies. She has formerly worked at various international media outlets such as Al Jazeera or Thomson Reuters. At EonD her areas of focus include advising our clients on the range of services the company offers and assisting them in evaluating new opportunities.

Education: The University of Oxford, BA in Archaeology and Anthropology, Georgetown University, E. Walsh School of Foreign Service, MA Arab Studies

Hobby: Scuba-diving

In their own (few!) words: My job is to act as a liaison between our experts and clients, so that everyone is satisfied with their working-relationship.

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McKenzie Scanlon

Communications Analyst
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Name: McKenzie Scanlon

Role: Communications Analyst

Description: McKenzie is a young professional, curious by nature and who loves to learn. Her main areas of interest are sustainability, international relations and travelling the world. She is assisting with communications, as well as ongoing and new EonD projects.

Education: Completing a MA in Spatial Planning at Utrecht University, BA in Environment and Development from McGill University

Hobby: Winter and water sports (especially hockey), cycling and exploring nature

In their own (few!) words: In work as in life, never settle for less when you deserve the best.

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Maria Isniuk

Administration Manager
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Name: Maria Isniuk

Role: Administration Manager

Description: Maria is responsible for supporting the swift development of our company. She is in charge of ensuring the efficiency of operational processes by contributing to the financial, administrational, organizational and client-related layers of EonD.

Education: MA International Relations - International Trade and Logistics

Hobby: Photography, Sports, Yoga, Psychology, Cooking, Travels

In their own (few!) words: If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.

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Mati Decyk

Research and Technology Coordinator / Lead
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Name: Mati Decyk

Role: Research and Technology Coordinator / Lead

Description: Mateusz is our lead researcher who ensures that our service is not only timely and relevant to our clients’ needs but also of the highest analytical standards. He has a strong interest and key understanding of international relations and political economy, especially focusing on digitalization and cybersecurity issues.

Education: International Relations - Security and Strategic Studies, with honors

Hobby: Football, Yoga, Cooking, Healthy Lifestyle and Zero Waste Management

In their own (few!) words: Cooperation and teamwork is key to everyone’s success.

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Alexandra Kozak

Research Analyst – Expert Placement
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Name: Alexandra Kozak

Role: Research Analyst – Expert Placement

Description: Aleksandra is in charge of developing relationships with experts and connecting them to the opportunities we offer. She is working directly with our experts and network navigators thinking on their behalf, and proposing ways to utilize their knowledge to solve the challenges faced by our clients. She has extensive HR experience specializing in IT and Finance. HR background within IT and finance Education: International Relations and Latin American Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Education: International Relations and Latin American Studies at the University of Warsaw

Hobby: Musical Theatre, Latin American culture

In their own (few!) words: I believe in the power of dialogue that can solve even the most challenging issues.

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Sofia Idziak

Research Analyst
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Name: Sofia Idziak

Role: Research Analyst

Description: Sofia helps the team manage what matters and capitalize on what counts. She deals with a variety of day-to-day tasks and holistically supports the company’s internal operations. She is also a keen researcher with a strong focus on socio-economic issues such as sustainable development and migration studies.

Education: BSc Socio-economic Geography, University of Warsaw MSc Economic Geography, University of Amsterdam

Hobby: Music

In their own (few!) words: As a keen traveler and social scientist, I have a strong passion for all things related to development and social change.

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Bart Pawłowski

Research Analyst
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Name: Bart Pawłowski

Role: Research Analyst

Description: From research, through communications and business analysis, Bart works on a wide spectrum of tasks within our operations unit. His main are of interest is business process development, though it's not limited to numbers, tables and graphs. Anything that helps, really.

Education: completing his BSc in Finance, University of Warsaw. Previously at the University of Navarre.

Hobby: Propaganda and political economy

In their own (few!) words: I don't do small talk and love to explore topics to their inner core.

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Tyler Cofield

Communications Specialist
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Name: Tyler Cofield

Role: Communications Specialist

Description: Tyler conducts market research and analysis here at EonD. While his interests lie in Socioeconomics, Politics, and the Arts, he's a quick study and can delve deep into any subject as needed. He also works with our Communications department, serving as a facilitator between Experts and Clients.

Education: B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin

Hobby: Reading, Cooking, and Dancing

In their own (few!) words: I consider myself both an idealist and a pragmatist. Humans are contradictory by nature. We can hold multiple, contradictory beliefs and simply adapt based on the given circumstances.

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Kacper Roterman

Research Analyst
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Name: Kacper Roterman

Role: Research Analyst

Description: Kacper is a researcher with experience in corporate recruitment, real estate market and a strong customer service background. To join EonD he decided to move from Krakow to Warsaw, successfully in three weeks. In previous positions he was a part of the RPO Team responsible for talent acquisition to the Global Delivery Centre of an investment company, sourcing for specialists in the area of Finance, Accounting and Technology.

Education: Master's degree - Outdoor Project Management, Tourism and Recreation; Bachelor's degree - Tourism and Recreation

Hobby: Tourism, Cooking, Bicycles, Snowboarding

In their own (few!) words: I believe that life is all about having and giving and sharing and receiving ;)

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Puyan Behdar

Research Analyst
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Name: Puyan Behdar

Role: Research Analyst

Description: Puyan has a strong sales background and experience in corporate recruitment in a highly competitive market providing quality service for companies such as big 4 tech and Oil&Gas giants. His area of focus at EonD is connecting experts to clients and helping with communication processes.

Education: MBA - Strategic Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Hobby: Music, Movies, News, Snooker

In their own (few!) words: Change is inevitable, don't fight it, embrace it!

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Jakub Bednarczyk

Junior Research Analyst
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Name: Jakub Bednarczyk

Role: Junior Research Analyst

Description: Jakub is a sports geek that loves IT stuff. He works on various EonD research projects and supports the whole team.

Education: Finishing his Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics, University of Economics in Wrocław

Hobby: Football, E-Sports, Cybersecurity, Coding, Technology News

In their own (few!) words: There are three choices in this life: be good, get good, or give up.

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Katarzyna Buzanska

Knowledge Hub Analyst
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Name: Katarzyna Buzanska

Role: Knowledge Hub Analyst

Description: Knowledge management, analyzing global trends, supporting EonD campaigns (invite an expert), developing knowledge hub reports, supporting sustainability and supporting communications, relationships with experts

Education: Bsc Social Anthropology. London School of Economics and Political Science; MPhil Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge; PhD Candidate Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Hobby: Languages, books, city strolls, thrift shops

In their own (few!) words: I am a social anthropologist specialized in education and the Andean region. I am striving to live an environmentally and ethically conscious lifestyle and constantly learning about sustainability and justice. I enjoy learning new languages, exploring cities, sitting in coffee shops, attending music venues and visiting markets and small thrift shops.

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Jula Skrzypczyk

Project Suport/Business Development Intern
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Name: Jula Skrzypczyk

Role: Project Suport/Business Development Intern

Description: Jula is our new Business Development Intern for the summer. She has plenty of experience in project supports and desk research. She works hard to pursue both her career and many social activities.

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Global Business, Finance and Governance

Hobby: Psychology, roller skates and cooking

In their own (few!) words: Do not settle for good, demand great ;)

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Michał Nowak

Digital Marketing Associate
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Name: Michał Nowak

Role: Digital Marketing Associate

Description: For Michał living proactive university life plus pursuing a professional career at the same time equals extensive personal development. In EonD, he is responsible for co-developing social media strategy, day-to-day social media communication, and creating content. His approach toward Digital Marketing combines both analytical and creative thinking as well as the whole business’ overview.

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems

Hobby: Photography, healthy lifestyle, body building, cycling

In their own (few!) words: Find balance in challenging yourself!

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Iga Odorkiewicz

Business Development Intern
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Name: Iga Odorkiewicz

Role: Business Development Intern

Description: Iga is a business development intern. She is interested in strategy. Iga is also active as a student - she coordinates the project "Women in Business".

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems

Hobby: Exploring the world, cooking, true crime podcasts, learning about social problems and political leaders

In their own (few!) words: I still believe I can change the world!

person image

Jan Dziewonski

Project Support
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Name: Jan Dziewonski

Role: Project Support

Description: Project Support Intern

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Global business, finance and governance

Hobby: Water sports, Film, voiceover

In their own (few!) words: Change is the only constant. If you ask me ;)

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Marta Kurkus

Project Support / Network Growth Intern
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Name: Marta Kurkus

Role: Project Support / Network Growth Intern

Description: As an intern, Marta focuses on supporting EonD projects, doing research and giving her best to every given task. As a student, she is an active member of a student organisation, trying to live her university life to the fullest. Combining these two things and finding the right balance between them is what consumes most of her time.

Education: Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems at Warsaw School of Economics

Hobby: music, cinematograhy, sociology

In their own (few!) words: I believe that I wouldn't be where I am now, if I hadn't met all the people I luckily had the chance to learn from.

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Yaroslava Kotvytska

Event Associate
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Name: Yaroslava Kotvytska

Role: Event Associate

Description: Yaroslava is a young professional with experience in assisting organization of international projects and conferences in the field of Diplomacy and International Politics. Her main interests and area of working relate to International Security Issues, Peace&Conflict, International Negotiations. She worked as a Coordinator of Warsaw Security Forum in 2018 and 2019. Started her career with Warsaw-based think tanks and NGOs in a related field, writing analytical pieces, managing inter-NGO communication and cooperation.

Education: Master in International Relations and Negotiations

Hobby: Latino Dancing

In their own (few!) words: If you can solve a problem - it's not a problem, it's a challenge.

person image

Hsuan Yu Lin

PR Associate
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Name: Hsuan Yu Lin

Role: PR Associate

Description: As a driven individual who thinks both creatively and analytically, I seek rewarding experiences through hard work and commitment, continually prove my ability to balance academics, extra-curricular involvement, and professional development.

Education: National Chengchci University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Hobby: Communication, Yoga

In their own (few!) words: You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

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Featuring up-to-date reports and papers on the most pressing issues across PTCC (public, technology, consulting and corporate sectors), and on expert networks themselves

Global Policy Radar


Monitoring of global trends and real-time updates on technological, economic and socio-political development across the globe, focusing on areas of highest importance for our clients

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Contributing to communities and societies based on commitment to UN sustainable development goals. Creating opportunities for our experts and partners to engage

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