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Meet EonD's team

Our team is comprised of top talent with extensive yet varied experience – from international relations and diplomacy, management consulting and entrepreneurship to technical sciences.


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Bartek Bielinski


Description: Bartek is an entrepreneur and management consultant with 15 years of experience across sectors, organizations and geographies. Before joining EonD, Bartek has worked in digital transformation and public sector practices of two leading global management consulting firms, Kearney and Boston Consulting, based out of NYC, Dubai and Warsaw offices. Throughout his career Bartek delivered over 25 strategy, operations and institution build-up projects for globally recognized private and public sector organizations. He has directly counseled key decision makers including minister level government officials, CXOs and HNWIs, and has led projects with international footprint in the Middle East, the US, Europe, Asia & Australia. Additionally, Bartek has served a CEO and co-founder of Taskmaster and a General Manager at a family owned fashion brand

Education: Economics and Business at Northeastern, Utrecht University and the University of Warsaw

Hobby: Digital Technologies, Board Sports, Football, Traveling, Teaching

Moto: Assembling pieces of a puzzle to build EonD.

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Marcin Buzanski

President & Chief Network Outreach Officer

Description: Marcin is a political scientist, entrepreneur and advocate for institutionalized international cooperation. He is an expert in foreign policy, international organizations and government reform. He is the founder of the Institute for International Dialogue, and serves as Director for Policy at the Warsaw Security Forum and Senior Advisor at the Pulaski Foundation. Marcin has worked several years at the United Nations, at NY HQ focused on governance in crises, conflict analysis and peace process support, and based in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South Asia and in Europe, where he has been advising governments in transitions on institutional reforms and development policy. He has been consulting for Think Tanks, international organizations and the private sector, providing policy analysis and facilitating consultative processes.

Education: MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in NY, MA and BA in European Studies from Warsaw University

Hobby: MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in NY, MA and BA in European Studies from Warsaw University

Moto: Exited by challenges, motivated by progress and benefits to society, balancing grand exploration and quiet family life.

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Parham Gohari

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Description: Parham has around 20 years of experience in management consulting, investment advisory and entrepreneurship, extending across 5 continents. He has advised leading global multinationals, governments, diversified family offices, investment firms and start-ups across a number of industries. Parham previously served as Managing Partner of a boutique corporate advisory and was a Consulting Practice Leader at Deloitte Middle East, having been based in Dubai for 12 years. His specializations include corporate strategy, business planning, commercial effectiveness, performance improvement, transactions, business and partner development and policy advisory.

Education: BA in Economics from York University and MBA in Strategy and Finance from Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto, Canada

Hobby: JoggingPainting, travelling, photography, contemporary arts, reading a good story, mentoring students and start-ups and exploring nature

Moto: It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

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Lukasz Czerwinski

Chief Technology Officer

Description: Łukasz is an expert with a technical brain and startup approach at heart. He graduated from University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, the top programming faculty in Poland and worked as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, California for 3 years, hired by Google and Light.house, a home security startup. Łukasz returned to Poland longing for his country and people living here. Soon after his return, he won a fintech Startup Weekend with MoneyFriend startup project and continued working on it in an acceleration program with PKO BP, the biggest Polish bank. Afterwards Łukasz was involved in other startups in Poland and US, such as being the Lead Programmer in an electromobility startup EneGIVE, spinning up his own food waste project, working as a senior expert in Programming for an American startup which raised $20M or building his own startup in e-health sector. Currently he collaborates with Xfaang as a Software Architect and Software Advisor.

Education: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics

Hobby: Classical and choir music, music composition, nonograms, word games

Moto: Life is a great adventure, so be passionate, be ambitious, work hard and care about the people.

Meet some of the team

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Robert Siudak

Senior Product Manager

Description: Robert is a public policy expert, focusing on the intersection of technical, economic, social and political aspects of digital technologies. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence researcher. He serves as an advisor in leading think thanks, Digital Innovation Hubs, VCs and governmental bodies from the CEE region. Author of numerous scientific and policy papers, including two monographs, manager of projects and grants delivered in collaboration with such institutions as the European Structural and Investment Fund, European Cybersecurity Organisation, Global EPIC, Polish National Centre for Research and Development.

Education: PhD Candidate; Jagiellonian University, Trinity College Dublin

Hobby: Jogging

Moto: Technology doesn’t speak for itself - it's our role to translate it.

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Bart Pawłowski

Operations Associate

Description: From research, through communications and business analysis, Bart works on a wide spectrum of tasks within our operations unit. His main area of interest is business process development, though it's not limited to numbers, tables and graphs. Anything that helps, really.

Education: Completing his BSc in Finance, University of Warsaw. Previously at the University of Navarre.

Hobby: Propaganda and Political Economy

Moto: I don't do small talk and love to explore topics to their inner core.

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Paul Szymanczak

Senior Accounts Manager

Description: Paul is a diplomat, expert in developing countries, on ground operational manager in business development, consulting and public affairs. He has worked for several years all over the world on international cooperation, country branding, building alliances in public and private sectors; culturally sensitive and an advocate of Sustainable Development Goals.

Education: Escuela Diplomática de Madrid, Warsaw University

Hobby: Dancing salsa on a milky-white Caribbean beach

Moto: Thriving for positive impact and aligning sustainable strategies with universal principles.

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Sebastian Fagasiński

Accounts Manager

Description: Sebastian is a manager and specialist in the field of HR services for business with 15 years of experience. Before EonD, Sebastian was Managing Partner in a boutique employer branding company, he was also responsible for delivering recruitment services in a global recruitment agency as well as consulting and training services in a company that is a leader in occupational safety. Sebastian has experience in building and managing teams and is a certified business coach.

Education: MA in Law from University of Lodz and postgraduate studies from The Centre for European Studies at the University of Lodz

Hobby: Music, Classic Cars, Movies

Moto: I believe that being a good person and treating people well will never go out of fashion.

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Razan Abdullah

Accounts Associate

Description: Razan is a skilled recruiter who searches for the best matching candidates globally and focuses on building a strong relationship with candidates and clients.

Education: University of Jordan, Accounting and Finance

Hobby: Traveling and swimming

Moto: If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit

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Zoran Grueski

Accounts Associate

Description: Zoran is focused on building successful and innovative communication strategies with our network of experts and clients, as well as social media and data bases sourcing and research. He is interested in anything that makes this process productive, effective and a pleasant experience

Education: Completing his Master thesis in Political Studies.

Hobby: Philosophy and Social Sciences

Moto: Don’t stress out, laugh it

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Aleksandra Sivcev

Accounts Associate

Description: I have experience in education recruitment for online teaching platform. Also I worked on some short term projects where I worked on recruiting Developers. At EonD I am responsible for finding the best expert for each project.

Education: BA in Trade and International Business, University of Novi Sad

Hobby: Traveling, Basketball, Hiking, Cycling

Moto: Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

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Dominik Skarbek

Front-end Developer

Description: Dominic works with us as a frontend developer who makes sure that our EonD platform will look and work good for our users. He also uses his experience in web development and likes working with UX/UI designer to discuss features and visual design of developing product.

Education: Master of Science in Logistics and postgraduate studies in IT at Rzeszow University od Technology

Hobby: Guitar, motorsport (especially F1), mobile technologies, weekend trips

Moto: The good comes back

Łukasz Laszczuk

Łukasz Laszczuk

Back-end Developer

Description: Łukasz works as a backend developer. It deals with the application layer invisible to the user. Responsible for the logic and functionalities on the server side, as well as the integration of the front-end part

Education: Self learn developer after economics studies

Hobby: Football, Rap Music, Food, Politics

Moto: None

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Sebastian Ozimowski

Back-end Developer

Description: Sebastian is a software developer. His goal is to become expert in field of computer science. At Eond he is responsible for the logic and functionalities on the server side, as well as the integration of the front-end part

Education: Currently enrolling technical middle school with an IT specialist profile

Hobby: Cycling and Traveling

Moto: Be better than you were yesterday

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Dr Adam Zadrożny

Senior Data Scientist

Description: Adam focuses his efforts on creating Machine Learning algorithms for our platform. His main interest is working with large datasets using AI methods.

Education: Lecturer of Natural Language Processing at Cognitive Studies Master Program at Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw.


Moto: None

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Urszula Kuczma

Junior Data Scientist

Description: Urszula focuses her efforts on creating Machine Learning algorithms for our platform. As part of the Data Science team, she incorporates Natural Language Processing solutions to create a precise and thorough system that will improve our services

Education: University of Warsaw, Cognitive Science

Hobby: trail runs, drawing

Moto: Don’t be busy. Just be productive!

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Marwah Tonse

Data Science and Management Intern

Description: Marwah aims to evolve her skills by working in challenging, team-centric environments to provide efficient and optimum solutions to industry problems and create a positive impact on the company and the people that she works with. She aspire to reach managerial and executive positions that will allow her to leverage her skills, make crucial decisions, and earn unparalleled experience in the field

Education: Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a Minor in Data Science at the American University of Sharjah.

Hobby: Enjoys trying a little bit of everything, especially exploring new places, different cuisines and dancing!

Moto: Do good and good will come to you

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Mateusz Zawistowski

Web/App Tester

Description: Mateusz is our new junior tester. He is involved in the development process of EonD Platform

Education: University of Warsaw -Application of physics in biology and medicine, neuroinformatics

Hobby: Photography, singing, sports, pool billard

Moto: Carpe diem

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Rami El Rawas

Senior Research Analyst

Description: Rami is a skilled recruiter and a senior/executive search expert. He has a successful and strong background in assisting companies and partners in closing multiple senior level assignments. His experience spans across various sectors on a global level including Technology, Strategy, Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Governmental Entities. Concurrently, he runs his own recruitment and consulting start-up which provides outsourced recruitment services as well as private individual writing services aimed at optimizing job seekers’ careers, professional profiles, and job searching strategies.

Education: MA in Human Resource Management from Anglia Ruskin University and BS in International Business from the Lebanese American University

Hobby: Basketball, Football, Swimming, Travelling

Moto: Your career takes up more than 50% of your lifetime. Is it worth it doing something you don’t love or are not passionate about?

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Divya Deb

Senior Research Analyst

Description: Senior Research Analyst at EonD - Performing executive search projects for top global consulting companies, corporations and governments across Middle East and Europe .Performing research activities to identify best-in-class experts.

Education: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.),English Language and Literature/Letters North Eastern Hill University ,Lady Keane College,India

Hobby: Reading

Moto: You are responsible for everything that you are and everything that you are not

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Jelena Vasic

Research Analyst

Description: Jelena has got a degree in Social Sciences and Humanities and did not hope that her career would turn in the direction of Human Resources, but she has been dealing with HR for a few years. Her previous work experience in an employment agency has enabled her to work on various projects in the medical and industrial sectors. Jelena participated in training on civic activism, social media, and human rights. Working with people of different customs and cultures is great, it contributes to building good interpersonal relationships and encourages a better understanding of others and tolerance, so thank EonD for this opportunity

Education: University of Rzeszow, Poland

Hobby: Volleyball, traveling, floriculture

Moto: This morning, the Sava flowed into the Danube again. The Danube into the Black Sea. The Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean, and again you don't know what to do with yourself.

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Gramos Surkishi

Research Analyst

Description: My duty is to align practical methodologies to achieve the research goal, using different tools to acquire information and interpret data.

Education: MA in International Relations and Diplomacy

Hobby: Basketball, Gaming (PS4 and CS:GO), Travelling, Reading, Movies, Hiking

Moto: Those who look for seashells will find seashells; those who open them will find pearls.

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Ermire Shehu

Research Analyst

Description: I have prior experience in recruitment or human resources, with knowledge of screening, interviewing, and hiring practices. I have a passion for finding untapped talent, driving company growth, and helping individuals find promising careers!

Education: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Natural and Mathematics Sciences

Hobby: Languages and watching movies

Moto: Consistency is better than perfection!

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Filip Stala

Research Analyst

Description: Filip has strong experience in operations and customer service in one of the biggest airline. Creative, open minded, positive. At EonD he is responsible for finding best talents and communication with them. Main area of interest is process improvement.

Education: University of Technology and Economics / National relations - logistics

Hobby: Aviation,Bowling, Football, Travel

Moto: Only positive vibes

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Michalina Czerwińska

Research Analyst

Description: Michalina is supporting EonD’s network growth, communications and ongoing projects.

Education: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Finance and Accounting

Hobby: Skiing, Roller Skating, Travelling, City Strolls

Moto: Passion, curiosity and constant growth, are the things that make life a beautiful adventure!

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Anna Siemienkiewicz

Research Analyst

Description: From Economist, through Missionary and Consultant to Recruitment. Anna is a researcher with experience in corporate recruitment in pharmaceutical industry and internal recruitment in IT. At EonD she is responsible for search and first contact with experts.

Education: Master’s degree in Economics and School Pedagogy and Vocational Counseling

Hobby: Long walks, Swimming and Biking, Singing and Whistling

Moto: Clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear, she smiles when she thinks about the future.

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Werenika Tokarska

Research Analyst

Description: Weronika has a prior experience in the recruitment field with knowledge of sourcing candidates and support in staffing administration. At EonD she is responsible for sourcing the best experts and recruiting people for different industries.

Education: De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom, Bachelor of Arts in International Business degree

Hobby: travelling, sports, photography, cooking, and fashion

Moto: Dream the impossible, seek the unknown, achieve greatness

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Katarzyna Hundz

Research Analyst

Description: From sales advisor, through office and travel coordinator to research analyst. My main duties are searching for best talents and conducting executive search using various method.

Education: BA Teacher's Training College in Rzeszów; Language Interpretation and Translation Studies at University of Rzeszów

Hobby: Rollerblading, Crime TV Series, Board Games, Rock Music

Moto: Failure is only a deteur, life showing you to take different approach and simply learn from it.

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Kate Gobadze

Research Analyst

Description: At EonD Kate is responsible for search the best experts. Experience in searching, recruiting people for different industries.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Sciences

Hobby: Watching movies, Traveling, Walking

Moto: Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try

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Adrianna Nowak

Junior Research Analyst

Description: Adrianna is our new Business Development Intern. She is supporting EonD’s network growth, communications, social media and ongoing projects.

Education: Warsaw School of Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economy and Information Systems

Hobby: Drawing, Travelling, Music, Roller Skating, Swimming

Moto: No matter how many goals you have achieved, you must set your sights on a higher one

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Maria Isniuk

Finance Manager

Description: Maria is responsible for supporting the swift development of our company. She is in charge of ensuring the efficiency of operational processes by contributing to the financial, administrational, organizational and client-related layers of EonD.

Education: MA International Relations - International Trade and Logistics

Hobby: Photography, Sports, Yoga, Psychology, Cooking, Travels

Moto: If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.

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Joanna Jasińska

Finance Analyst

Description: Assistant with experience in hospitality, she was a receptionist and later a manager in one of the hostels in Warsaw. Not big coffee lover, but Team Leader in Costa Coffee.

Education: Master degree – Medical Physics, Bachelor degree - Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine

Hobby: Traveling, doing Make-ups

Moto: Try to find beauty in every moment

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Julia Grzybowska

Marketing Associate

Description: Julia is an expert in European Union and international relations with a deep love of media and communications. Energetic, enthusiastic and always happy to help others, she focuses her work on promotional campaigns, customer outreach and brand success. Of duty she loves travelling, trying out new foods and the sounds of the vinyl record in the evening.

Education: BA and MA in European Studies with distinction from University of Warsaw. Current: German Philology at WSB University in Wroclaw.

Hobby: Relaxing by listening vinyl recordings, photography, travelling

Moto: Actions speak louder than words.

Member photo

Sara Bruns

Network Growth Analyst

Description: Sara is a hard-working, creative, and driven student majoring in environmental science and biology at University College Utrecht. At EonD she is supporting company-wide Marketing efforts by managing EonD’s social media channels.

Education: Completing a BSc at University College Utrecht in the Netherlands

Hobby: Travelling, Cooking and Sports especially Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Scuba Diving

Moto: Never be afraid to try new things!

Member photo

McKenzie Scanlon

Network Growth Analyst

Description: McKenzie is a young professional, curious by nature and who loves to learn. Her main areas of interest are sustainability, international relations and travelling the world. She is assisting with communications, as well as ongoing and new EonD projects.

Education: Completing a MA in Spatial Planning at Utrecht University, BA in Environment and Development from McGill University

Hobby: Winter and water sports (especially hockey), cycling and exploring nature

Moto: In work as in life, never settle for less when you deserve the best.

Member photo

Katarzyna Buzanska

Knowledge Hub Analyst

Description: Knowledge management, analyzing global trends, supporting EonD campaigns (invite an expert), developing knowledge hub reports, supporting sustainability and supporting communications, relationships with experts

Education: Bsc Social Anthropology. London School of Economics and Political Science; MPhil Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge; PhD Candidate Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Hobby: Languages, Books, City Strolls, Thrift Shops

Moto: I am a social anthropologist specialized in education and the Andean region. I am striving to live an environmentally and ethically conscious lifestyle and constantly learning about sustainability and justice. I enjoy learning new languages, exploring cities, sitting in coffee shops, attending music venues and visiting markets and small thrift shops.

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Alicja Zielonka

Operations Intern

Description: Alicja is our new Operations Intern. She is involved in developing the network of experts.

Education: Warsaw School of Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economy and Information Systems

Hobby: weightlifting, cycling, cuddling with my cat, cosmetology

Moto: No good sittin’ worryin’ abou’ it. What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.

Senior Affiliates

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Isikcan Aysev

Digital Business Models

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Jerry Schall

Network Growth and Technology

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Isikcan Aysev

Digital Business Models

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Jerry Schall

Network Growth and Technology


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