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How to Become a Freelancer

Freelance Market

05 Jan 2024

It is currently estimated that there are 1.2 billion people working in different forms of freelancing globally, including projects lasting from only few hours to months or years and representing different work models, such as onsite, remote or hybrid. Those freelancers also vary in scope of their commitment, being either full-time or part-time professionals (so called “moonlighters”). Freelancers are professionals who treasure flexibility and independence, and who can pursue a profession without long-term commitments to a particular employer or firm. They select project based on their experience, preferences, availability and rates. Freelancing allows them to dictate their own rates and typically accumulate much more earnings than in a comparable permanent position. To learn more about freelancing, and understand what this fuss is all about, we recommend you to read EonD’s article on “the pros and cons of the freelance market”.

Freelancer’s Guide: Navigating Your Journey in a Few Simple Steps

Step 1: Prepare a value proposition

In order to position yourself as a freelancer, you should start your journey with defining your service and offer. This is a moment to consider your value proposition and what exactly is your competitive advantage. It is the time to decide what kind of projects are you interested in and what projects you can support with your level of experience. You will have to decide what is your availability at the moment and how much time are you going to spend on freelancing – will it be a full-time commitment or just an additional source of income? These are several questions that you should ask yourself before actively looking for any engagements.

Step 2: Become more visible – find your freelance platform

Now, when you have defined your value proposition, it’s time to let the whole world get to know you. The best option to promote your freelancing service is be to find a freelance platform that gathers top talents worldwide and helps them connect with clients. There are plenty of options so choose wisely and consider making EonD Platform your first choice as a freelancer.

Why EonD? We are capable of finding the right project in line with your experience. When you choose our platform, you not only gain access to the world’s best projects but will also not have to worry about bureaucracy – EonD will deal with that. We work with more than 50 thousand talent globally, including CEOs, former ministers and top management-associated individuals. Thanks to our well-established framework agreements we can offer approximately 30 project opportunities per month and guarantee your self-development process. We also offer a wide range of benefits for our network, such as paid referrals, profile boosts and experience promotions in our Knowledge Hub. To learn more about all of the benefits of our EonD Platform visit our “For Talents” section.

Step 3: Create a profile providing the newest version of your CV

Now that you have chosen your first platform you can finally start working on your profile presence. First and foremost, prepare and upload the newest version of your CV. Remember to update your profile every time you gain new experience. Here at EonD, we generate tags based on your experience and match your skills, project expectations and availability with clients’ needs. It means that the more information you share with us, the better outcome you can expect! Based on our research, completed profiles are 45% more likely to receive suitable project invitations, and 85% more likely to be accepted to the project they apply for.

Step 4: Estimate your rate

Remember to be objective about your hourly and daily rate. At EonD, you input your financial expectations into your profile – this is another important factor while matching you with clients’ needs. If you are not sure how to set your own rate, EonD Team is here for you! We will answer all of your questions and support you with any query – throughout the entire process following your registration onto our platform, you can reach out to us with any questions.

Step 5: Access top project

EonD Team will always reach out to you with an offer or opportunity before you receive any contact from the client side. It means that you receive comprehensive information about the project, description of clients requirements and potential pay options by the time the client reaches out to you for the acceptance interview.

Furthermore, we provide our network with a live Marketplace. This means that you can directly apply to any open positions that aligns with your interests, without having to wait for our AI system to match you. This gives you the opportunity to take immediate actions and pursue the opportunities that interest you the most.

Step 6: Contracting

There are two contracting options available at EonD. You can either contract directly with the client or contract with us. The latter option offers a truly hassle-free process. We take care of all the administrative tasks involved in the project placement, including timesheets, invoicing, and payments. You can simply focus on your work, without the burden of managing these time-consuming aspects.

Step 7: Provide Feedback

Lastly, to improve the processes that didn’t meet your expectations, it is crucial to share your feedback with the Platform’s team members. At EonD, we consistently inquire about consultants’ suggestions for future improvements, whether they prefer similar projects or are interested in exploring new opportunities. All of this so when your project concludes, we will be prepared to propose a batch of fresh opportunities just for you.

One third of global wealth is generated through the right application of work experience, and here at EonD, we do just that. Don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity and join our network today:

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