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The hottest trends in the freelance market: The Great Resignation 

Freelance Market
The Great Resignation

21 Jun 2023

In our previous articles, we focused on three key trends that are currently shaping the freelance market. We have already described the “Industry 4.0” and the “Future of Work Movement”. Now, it is time we start focusing on our last but not least of the hottest trend in the freelance market, known simply as the “Great Resignation”.

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What is the “Great Resignation” and why is it so good for the current generation?

To better understand the Great Resignation concept, one of the current hottest trends in the freelance market, we must first understand that every generation has had its own perspective towards work and how to develop their careers. Nowadays, we can find four main generations representing different types of active workers on the current market.

  • Baby boomers – Born 1946-1964
  • Generation X – Born 1965- 1980
  • Millennials – Born 1981-2000
  • Generation Z – Born 2001-2020

All of these generations were raised in different times with different circumstances. This means they were each influenced by different moments in history and gained vastly different experiences from their predecessors.

For Baby Boomers face to face contact is one of the most important things when it comes to their work environment. They are also characterized as very loyal to their companies – which often means working for one company during their entire career. Generation X on the other hand really appreciates the work life balance, but just like their predecessors they are resistant to changing their workplace. Millennials on the other hand, who are now the largest group of active workers, are goal oriented, ready for new challenges and are prepared to make sacrifices if they were to earn better salaries and succeed in their career plans. They are also ready to change their job if they are not enjoying it.

Gen Z, the youngest mentioned generation, is undoubtedly the future of work and they are not afraid of revolutionizing work – overall they are the first generation in which they have had access to technology from a very young age. These people are able to work on multiple projects at the same time while fiercely respecting their free time. They are more self-oriented and are definitely not afraid to resign, even from a well-paid job, if they simply do not feel fulfilled or don’t have enough flexibility. A survey conducted by Ranstad in April 2022 can show this trend rather explicitly.

Mass media started observing these changes in workers behaviour across all developed economies and began calling this phenomenon the “Great Resignation”. It is believed that there are record numbers of workers leaving their jobs because employees would rather “enjoy life” and have workplace flexibility, like working remote or on different hours, than to continue working for that particular company who is not fulfilling their requirements.

The Great Resignation across the western world draws talents away from traditional corporate life, which at the sametime is fueling the growth of the freelance economy where talents can engage with enterprises on more flexible terms. There have already been plenty of young, talented professionals who have decided to transition to the freelance model of work. It is believed that this trend will only further speed up in the coming years.

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